At the Iguana Conservation Project in San Ignacio, Belize
At the Iguana Conservation Project in San Ignacio, Belize

Hi! I’m Stephanie, and Travel Taste Click is my exploration of Central Florida and beyond. Follow me as I travel, taste, and photograph my way through the sunshine state (and the occasional international destination).

In June of 2015, I went on a vacation in Belize that changed my outlook.

During my 10 day stay, I learned to confront my fears, gained clarity on how unfulfilled I actually was at my job back home, and discovered that I was still very passionate about photography. I also had the time of my life!

When I returned, I realized I wanted to create that same feeling of adventure and happiness that is so synonymous with travel, especially international, at home in Florida. I began trying recipes inspired by meals I had in Belize, relived my adventures by writing about them, and printed out my favorite photographs to display at home. I also made a commitment to start exploring all of the opportunities available to me locally. More recently, I found the courage to pursue my wedding photography business, creating my life around the things that fill me up.

Travel Taste Click is my way of approaching travel on a local scale. I want to show you that you don’t have to travel far to learn something new about yourself or experience adventure. It’s also my hope that this blog can be a resource to anyone visiting Florida who wants more than just theme parks. I’m a firm believer that you can experience all of the benefits of travel by shifting your perspective and exploring your local surroundings.

When I’m not writing for this blog, you’ll find me taking pictures, reading a great book, hanging out with my boyfriend and our pitbull, Bally, sampling craft brews, baking cookies, or planning my next adventure.

If you’re interested in learning more, want to bond over a mutual interest in hot dogs, pizza & ice cream, or would like to work with me, please say hello: stephanie.patterson@live.com.