Central Florida Breweries Worthy of Your Dollars

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment I started liking beer. (I lied, it was a house party in Columbus. I was tipsy on smirnoff ice, tried some PBR, and didn’t hate it.)

I’ve come a long way since then.

Ultimately, it was a birthday weekend spent craft brewery hopping in Tampa with John a few years ago that finally solidified my love for great beer. Tampa’s beer scene is amazing – unique breweries are nearby no matter where you are – but that influence is slowly creeping further in to Central Florida.

Should you find yourself thirsty in between Orlando and Tampa, give one or all of these breweries a visit and support a local brewer in the process. Continue reading “Central Florida Breweries Worthy of Your Dollars”

Creativity on Tap in Auburndale

Up until a few years ago, my knowledge of beer was limited to Corona, Landshark, Blue Moon, and other beers that taste good adorned with various fruits. I preferred wine, despite knowing little to nothing about it, (honestly still not much progress in that department) yet a glass of apricot ale at Dunedin Brewery started a shift in my tastebuds. Nowadays, exploring craft breweries with John is one of my favorite pastimes.

A craft brewery, winery, and wood fired pizza shop was the last thing I expected to find in Auburndale, yet there stood Brewpop Brewery, proving that the craft beer scene is slowly but surely creeping its way into Central Florida.

Brewpop Brewery is a unique blend of craft beer, wine, sodas, and wood fired pizza. Each craft brewery tends to have its own unique flare, and Brewpop is no different in that regard. Where they are different, however, is in the creativity seeping throughout everything they offer. To me, this is what craft beer is all about. Experimentation, creativity, and passion. Continue reading “Creativity on Tap in Auburndale”

6 Breweries to Love in the Tampa Bay Area

Craft beer has been having a moment all over the country and while I’m happy to see things finally picking up in Orlando, the Tampa Bay area is one of my go-tos for local, quality breweries.

Last year, John and I set out to celebrate our birthdays with a 2-day brewery tour between our home and Tampa and since then we’ve been visiting new breweries whenever we can. If you want to squeeze in a craft beer before heading home from the beach or want to plan a brewery tour of your own, check out some of my recommended spots below. Continue reading “6 Breweries to Love in the Tampa Bay Area”