Steph’s Taco Blog: Wicked Cantina on Anna Maria Island

My love for tacos isn’t a secret, but it’s time I share it with the world with a bit more vigor. Steph’s Taco Blog is a series dedicated to trying and recommending (only if they’re good!) awesome taco joints found throughout the sunshine state.

To get you acquainted with my taco passion, please see the below meme which accurately sums up my relationship with tacos:

taken taco meme

Now that I’ve established my expertise – let’s get down to business. Continue reading “Steph’s Taco Blog: Wicked Cantina on Anna Maria Island”

Orlando Eats and Treats Worth the Hype

There’s a direct correlation between my struggle to stay on track with a healthy diet and the accounts I follow on Instagram. As my friend Lisandra likes to justify it for me: “Stephanie, you do eat for a living.” Thus, I attend bootcamp workout sessions during the week, and stuff my face with cookies and tacos on the weekend – all in the name of research. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Because I live in Davenport, treks to Orlando must be thought out. If I’m going to drive 40 minutes for a taco, it better be good. (Truthfully there is no time limit on how long I’d drive for a taco. #honestybox.)

For the purpose of this post, I set out to follow the culprits of my Instagram-induced drooling sessions to find out whether or not these eats in Orlando were worthy of the hype. Continue reading “Orlando Eats and Treats Worth the Hype”

A Local’s Guide to the Best of Davenport, FL

Drawing attention to local businesses and smaller attractions remains one of my main goals for this blog. So far, I’ve succeeded in my quest to get to know Florida better, but I’ve excluded one important local area from the mix: mine.

In opening myself up to the local possibilities here in Davenport, I’ve discovered some of my favorite activities, restaurants, and businesses. This small city may not be the epicenter for all things hip and cutting edge, but we are growing–rapidly.

Enjoy this guide to my neighborhood including enjoyable activities, local eats and some other area favorites. Continue reading “A Local’s Guide to the Best of Davenport, FL”

Tasting Winter Park with Orlando Food Tours

Surprise: I’m now a food tour guide with Orlando Food Tours! Part of my training is going on the actual tour, so this past Sunday John and I did exactly that. I didn’t pay for this tour but opinions here are 100% my own (as they always are) and I’m speaking honestly about my experience. Which, spoiler alert, was awesome.

Living a good 40 minutes from Orlando means that expeditions into downtown (especially for food) are always carefully planned. This can get a little frustrating, especially with the food scene booming. I want to try everything! But my stomach can only fit so much. Sigh.

The Winter Park walking food tour was a perfect solution. We made 5 stops total, with some walking time in between to digest and learn some Winter Park history. The end result is a filling sampling of the food scene in Winter Park, with a just right dose of history and exercise (to help you justify the ice cream and cheese). Continue reading “Tasting Winter Park with Orlando Food Tours”

Shortcake or Biscuit? Foods to Love at the FL Strawberry Festival

Strawberry Shortcake Booth at the FL Strawberry Festival - a must visit if you're in Central Florida in March!

Shortcake or biscuit?

Visit the Florida Strawberry Festival and you’ll be asked this question at least once (twice or three times if you’re doing it right). Personally, I’m a shortcake kind of gal but I’m no biscuit hater.

The Florida Strawberry Festival takes place in Plant City every March, overwhelming the small town for a little over a week. Parking is difficult, traffic can be intense, but for the shortcake, I power through.

The festival is 90% fair and about 10% strawberry, but that 10% is tasty and worth driving for. Each year I load up on strawberry flavored goodies and, always up for a challenge, this year I was prepared to sample more than ever before. The post-festival strawberry food baby was, as always, completely worth it. The festival continues through the end of this weekend, so read up on my favorite treats and then sample for yourself. Continue reading “Shortcake or Biscuit? Foods to Love at the FL Strawberry Festival”