Belize Travel Guide: Why to Go, Where to Visit, and What to Do

The first time I traveled to Belize in 2015, I fell in love. When I returned in 2016, Belize became one of those places for me. A place that feels special. A place I can rediscover again and again because there’s so much to be seen.  A place that means something to me and likely always will.

The food may or may not have definitely has something to do with these strong feelings.

While I’ve enjoyed telling friends and family about both trips, I’m a planner at heart and love putting trips together. So rather than retell my experiences one by one, I created this guide to hopefully convince anyone who reads this to get to Belize immediately. I’ve included many pictures for those of you who are visually persuaded (yep, I’m determined). Continue reading “Belize Travel Guide: Why to Go, Where to Visit, and What to Do”

Paradise Found in Placencia, Belize

Before arriving in Placencia, I worried I wouldn’t like it.

People offered up activities for John and me to do incase we got bored during our 4 night stay. I knew the village itself was small. I hadn’t visited last year, so a little fear of the unknown was at play.

Yet I still felt the pull of Placencia, my gut telling me it was worth going, so I chose it as our main beach stop in Belize.

I totally fell in love. Continue reading “Paradise Found in Placencia, Belize”

Exploring Caracol…Or, A 12 Hour Adventure Like No Other

“Snake! Snake! Snake!”

John Chuc, a Maya native of Belize and our tour guide for the day, excitedly slams on the brakes of our passenger van and points to the road in front of us just as a speckled racer slithers away into the brush on our left.

We resume forward motion and the van continues to creak down the dirt road to Lower Dover, where the rest of our tour group is awaiting pick up. Just then, John yells “snake!” again, and we watch in amazement as a hawk flies overhead with a snake dangling from its mouth.

The tour hasn’t officially begun yet, but I’m already excited.

It’s a cloudy, humid morning calling for temperatures above 100 degrees. After picking up the rest of our group, we begin on what will prove to be a very bumpy and long ride to the Maya ruin site of Caracol. Continue reading “Exploring Caracol…Or, A 12 Hour Adventure Like No Other”

Photo of the Week 06: Belize Bike Riding is No Joke

I like to think I’m a semi-different person when I’m traveling. My inhibitions drop a little bit, I’m more open and willing to trying things that scare me, and I’m somewhat more adventurous.

This is how I ended up in a cave used by the ancient Maya for sacrifices, standing before a fully crystalized human skeleton.

This is how I ended up snorkeling around an island with a small school of barracuda in my line of vision. (Okay to be fair the barracuda were a surprise, but still I kind of kept my cool.)

Unfortunately, my fears do not disappear completely. Hence my subtle bike riding fear in Caye Caulker.

Caye Caulker is a tiny island off the coast of Belize, along the barrier reef (the second largest barrier reef in the world). There are very few cars and most people get around via foot, bike, or golf cart. Our hotel, Colinda Cobanas, included two bicycles with every room–helpful since the hotel was a good 15 minute ride south of town. Upon check-in (and realizing we were super hungry) it was time to take my bike on its maiden voyage to Syd’s for some chicken rice and beans. Continue reading “Photo of the Week 06: Belize Bike Riding is No Joke”

The Best Things I Ate in Belize: 2016 Edition

It’s official. I LOVE Belize.

I visited Belize for the first time last year with a group of all women, and this year I returned with John. Returning to a place you’ve been before can always be a bit nerve-wracking. I wondered if I would love the country as much as the first time, I was worried about whether or not John would enjoy it as much as I did, and I hoped the trip would live up to both of our expectations.

Despite my worries, there was one thing I knew I could count on: the food.

I didn’t eat a single bad meal while in Belize this time, but there were some definite standouts. In no particular order, here are the meals (please note that ice cream and alcohol count as meals…my blog my rules) that had my taste buds singing their praises. Continue reading “The Best Things I Ate in Belize: 2016 Edition”