Photo of the Week 01: Colorful Cocktails in Jupiter

Cocktails at the Square Grouper Tiki Bar & Restaurant in Jupiter, FL

One of many little known talents my mom and I possess: the ability to locate a nearby tiki bar no matter where we travel together. What can I say? It’s a (tasty) gift.

My mom and I found ourselves in Jupiter, FL a few weeks ago after a completely random morning decision to go on a day trip without any real plan for what to do once we got there. It was the kind of day that made me feel as if I’d traveled to a faraway place even though I was only a few hours from home. We made a spontaneous decision to visit based on a pretty Instagram photo I saw of a tree lined street in Hobe Sound, because that’s a totally normal and sound method for selecting a destination in my book.

We spent the morning wandering Hobe Sound Beach, which is so radically different from the calm waters and white sandy beaches I’ve become accustomed to on the Gulf coast, kind of broke into Blowing Rocks Preserve after hours (#rebels), sipped on milkshakes (made as chocolatey as possible), and watched a fantastic sunset over the Indian River.

But one of my favorite parts of the day was our late afternoon lunch spent at a tucked away Tiki Bar on the river, Square Grouper, which my mom found through a blog post. Thanks for the rec, Florida Rambler!

Days like this just go to show that sometimes a little spontaneity and a sense of adventure are all you need to find yourself in the best of places, even if you’re only an hour or two from home. I’ll drink to that.

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