Photo of the Week 02: Anna Maria City Pier

Anna Maria City Pier - Anna Maria, FL

Walking out on a pier is one of those completely mindless activities I do every time I’m at the beach. In a way, it’s almost automatic. (So is getting ice cream, while unfortunately not as healthy.) Oh look! A pier – I’m going to go walk to the end, turn around and come back…

My first visit to the city pier was on a cloudier, windier day, thus the water was churned up and not it’s usual shade of clear turquoise blue. The pier was teeming with locals fishing near the city pier restaurant, with opportunistic pelicans and gulls waiting in the water below. Being alone and a little insecure, I didn’t realize I could have walked around the restaurant for a better view of the bay and Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

With my grandparents staying in a beach cottage on Pine Ave for a few weeks at the beginning of the month, I had my chance to visit again and this time was greeted by clear, calm water.

I began snapping photos and suddenly, my camera shut off. Yep, the professional photographer let her camera battery die.

My grandpa and I weaved through the tiny restaurant, already full of people with a waiting line, and made our way out back to find a live musician singing beachy tunes and playing the guitar. On the backside of the pier, you’ll find a no-frills bar serving beer and wine with a few wooden tables. The perfect spot to sit and stay awhile, maybe see a dolphin, and enjoy the calming sensation of being on the water.

In the spirit of second chances, I did make it back to the pier with John the next day (camera batteries charged) and got this week’s photo.

Moral of the story? Moments don’t always have to be captured to be enjoyed, nobody’s perfect, and sometimes water on the bay side can be just as bright and clear as the gulf. Oh, and…charge your batteries. 🙂

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