Photo of the Week 04: Photogenic Food in Ft. Lauderdale

Lobster Mac & Cheese at Sweet Nectar in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I think I’ve finally figured out the secret for the perfect Instagram flat lay: just go to a restaurant that’s already done all the work for you. Case in point: the beautiful setup above at Sweet Nectar in Ft. Lauderdale, a cute open air restaurant serving up tapas on Las Olas Blvd in the heart of everything.

When I heard that my best friend Candace was going to be in Ft. Lauderdale¬†for a week, I immediately made plans to go visit for a weekend. Since she lives in Pennsylvania, we make a point to see each other anytime we’re within 4 hours of each other.

This trip was special for two reasons: 1) I’ve never driven further south than Jupiter and was ready for an adventure, and 2) Candace and I have always talked about doing some type of girls weekend but never got around to it. This was the perfect opportunity to spend some good quality time together.

Upon my arrival, it was decided that the evening would consist of the essentials: wine, food (preferably Mexican), and lots of catching up.

We walked into downtown and onto Las Olas Blvd which seems to be the place to be. It’s a cute street that goes on seemingly forever, lined with wine bars, tapas style restaurants and tons of small boutiques. AKA the perfect place to spend a Saturday night with your best friend.

We started out with strawberry basil margaritas at Rocco’s Tacos (delicious but pricey) then made our way over to Sweet Nectar where I snapped this week’s photo. The lobster mac and cheese was, predictably, not good for my diet but so totally worth it. We caught up on each other’s lives over food and wine and then ended the night with peach bellinis and cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory.

While it totally stinks being 1,000 miles from my best friend, we never take our time together for granted. I love that we can pick back up right where we left off, even if it’s been awhile since we last saw each other.¬†Cheers to mac and cheese, margaritas, and best friends who stay together despite the distance.

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