Steph’s Taco Blog: Wicked Cantina on Anna Maria Island

My love for tacos isn’t a secret, but it’s time I share it with the world with a bit more vigor. Steph’s Taco Blog is a series dedicated to trying and recommending (only if they’re good!) awesome taco joints found throughout the sunshine state.

To get you acquainted with my taco passion, please see the below meme which accurately sums up my relationship with tacos:

taken taco meme

Now that I’ve established my expertise – let’s get down to business.

WICKED CANTINA. I have driven past many times while visiting Anna Maria Island expressing excitement that AMI has a mexican (really it’s tex-mex) restaurant yet somehow never making it inside.

Recently (with my taco buddies in tow – John, Sarah, and Jimmy), I finally got to eat tacos, way too many chips, and drink 3 too many margaritas at Wicked Cantina. Two days in a row. #noregrets.

Wicked Cantina Tex-Mex Anna Maria Island, FL
Please note that ring bling on Sarah’s hand – she and Jimmy got engaged during our stay on AMI!

Let’s start with those chips. In my opinion, you can judge any tex-mex / mexican joint by the quality of their chips and salsa. If they can’t get this simple staple right, then the food probably isn’t going to be much better. Wicked Cantina makes their chips and salsa fresh everyday and between the four of us, we went through two baskets of chips and two servings of salsa. We could have eaten more, but had to leave room for tacos and margaritas. I love chips that are nice and crispy without tasting burnt, and salsa with just a hint of heat, and Wicked Cantina nails it on both accounts.

Wicked Cantina Tex-Mex Anna Maria Island

I had a hard time picking out which tacos to try, but I’ve been on a carnitas kick (this recipe is awesome if you want to make some at home) so I went for the Carnitas Street Tacos. Carnitas are usually just pork, cilantro, and onion in a corn tortilla but I loved the addition of spicy sauce. Plus, the tacos are mini so I didn’t feel as guilty eating 3.

If I had to complain about one thing I’d say I wasn’t crazy about the texture of the corn tortillas, but they were a step up from the kind you get in the grocery store. Black Rooster Taqueria in Orlando still holds the award for tastiest corn tortillas.

When we went back for lunch the very next day, I got the shrimp tacos which are also delicious. Perfectly breaded/fried (not overcooked at all) with chipotle aioli. John gave the grouper tacos a big stamp of approval, Jimmy ate the Wicked Tacos both days in a row, and Sarah was with me on the shrimp tacos.



I also have to shout out the mango margaritas because if you’re a margarita fan, you know that sometimes flavored margaritas can be WAY too sweet. I got a frozen house margarita first for $5 but quickly switched to mango and was hooked. This is the first mango margarita I’ve ever had that actually tastes like mango. I maybe had 6 in 2 days. (Who’s counting though, am I right?)

Anyone who reads this blog already knows I love Anna Maria Island, and now that I have found yet another place to enjoy tacos I’m even more in love. Major bonus that Wicked Cantina is located right across the street from the beach with an unobstructed gulf view from their outdoor patio. And ALL of the servers are incredibly friendly – I thank them for not making fun of all of us for eating tacos two days in a row.

Wicked Cantina Tex-Mex on Anna Maria Island
Jimmy (also a photographer) took this pic of the outside. Check out his amazing architectural work: Jimmy Dever Photography

Tasty tacos, good prices, perfect mango margaritas, laid back vibe, and beach views….Wicked Cantina get’s the Steph’s Taco Blog official stamp of approval.

*PS – I was not paid for this post in any way. I just love Wicked Cantina’s tacos so much they needed their own blog post.

14 thoughts on “Steph’s Taco Blog: Wicked Cantina on Anna Maria Island”

  1. Steph, you are too much! Love the blog, the photog, the mango margarita hog-ing, but most of all your fun and enthusiastic love of all things taco. It’s a lifestyle…
    We are honored to be the first post and will follow your blog. See you next time, and thanks for being sweet to all of the servers/bartenders, they did taco bout it!
    Fondly, Wicked Cantina Crew

    1. Thank you so much! I agree – it’s a lifestyle and one I’m proud to live 🙂 Keep up the awesome work and I will see you guys again soon!

  2. Since my wife & I found this special spot out on AMI just N of where Cortez connects, we go there at least 3 times a week! Might be because they now stock both our favorite tequilas, Don Julio & Don Eduardo. Actually we love everything about this place, location, view, food, drinks & staff, and not necessarily in that order. Mr Don E (aka)

    1. Dean, it really is the best! I wish I lived on the island…I’d probably be there 3 times a week too 🙂 I totally agree with everything you said…the location, view, food, everything is top notch. Cheers!

  3. I will definitely have to check this place out! We usually go to Poppo’s Tacos when we visit AMI (which is awesome!) but I’m all about trying to new places. Can’t wait to try out Wicked Cantina!

    1. It is SO good!! Tex-mex done right, and their margaritas are delicious. They also have these fried guacamole bites I love. And thanks for mentioning Poppo’s Tacos, because I haven’t been there or heard of it yet and always love trying new taco spots. I’ll check it out next time I’m in town!

  4. Omg…dont know if I went on bad night but my taco salad was the worst I’ve had even taco bell would have been better. Been coming to AMI for years ,first time to eat here, never again!

    1. Hi Ramona, that really stinks! I have been to Wicked Cantina close to 10 times and have always had a consistently great experience. I’ve never had the taco salad so I can’t speak to that, but I hope you addressed the issue with food quality to the manager so they were made aware the food wasn’t up to par.

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