Exploring Caracol…Or, A 12 Hour Adventure Like No Other

“Snake! Snake! Snake!”

John Chuc, a Maya native of Belize and our tour guide for the day, excitedly slams on the brakes of our passenger van and points to the road in front of us just as a speckled racer slithers away into the brush on our left.

We resume forward motion and the van continues to creak down the dirt road to Lower Dover, where the rest of our tour group is awaiting pick up. Just then, John yells “snake!” again, and we watch in amazement as a hawk flies overhead with a snake dangling from its mouth.

The tour hasn’t officially begun yet, but I’m already excited.

It’s a cloudy, humid morning calling for temperatures above 100 degrees. After picking up the rest of our group, we begin on what will prove to be a very bumpy and long ride to the Maya ruin site of Caracol. Continue reading “Exploring Caracol…Or, A 12 Hour Adventure Like No Other”

Photo of the Week 05: On Selecting and Creating a Photograph

Enjoy Belizean themed posts this week! I’m currently in Belize for the week and am sharing posts and images from last year’s trip while I’m away. Look forward to more Belize travel info upon my return.

One of the questions I get a lot as a photographer is: “How do you select what to take a picture of? How do you see the world around you and create your photo from it?”

My initial response is to shrug and say it just comes naturally. But upon further inspection I’ve definitely noticed some patterns. Sometimes it’s a straightforward answer…maybe I have a photo I want to create in my mind before visiting a place, so my eyes are focused on finding that vision. Sometimes a color or pattern will grab me. Sometimes I am inspired by another image or style, and am attempting to recreate it. But most of the time, I think the images I create are a direct result of the sum of my life experiences, dreams, and my own unique interpretation of the world. Continue reading “Photo of the Week 05: On Selecting and Creating a Photograph”