Photo of the Week 06: Belize Bike Riding is No Joke

I like to think I’m a semi-different person when I’m traveling. My inhibitions drop a little bit, I’m more open and willing to trying things that scare me, and I’m somewhat more adventurous.

This is how I ended up in a cave used by the ancient Maya for sacrifices, standing before a fully crystalized human skeleton.

This is how I ended up snorkeling around an island with a small school of barracuda in my line of vision. (Okay to be fair the barracuda were a surprise, but still I kind of kept my cool.)

Unfortunately, my fears do not disappear completely. Hence my subtle bike riding fear in Caye Caulker.

Caye Caulker is a tiny island off the coast of Belize, along the barrier reef (the second largest barrier reef in the world). There are very few cars and most people get around via foot, bike, or golf cart. Our hotel, Colinda Cobanas, included two bicycles with every room–helpful since the hotel was a good 15 minute ride south of town. Upon check-inĀ (and realizing we were super hungry) it was time to take my bike on its maiden voyage to Syd’s for some chicken rice and beans. Continue reading “Photo of the Week 06: Belize Bike Riding is No Joke”