New-to-Me Culinary Favorites in Columbus

As fun as it would be to try new restaurants every week, it’s not in the budget and doesn’t fully represent my lifestyle anyway. I enjoy most of my meals cooked at home in my own kitchen and workout a few times a week. I try to eat as healthy as possible Monday-Friday, mainly so I can afford to eat a cupcake (or 7) come Saturday. But I wouldn’t change a thing. Dining out is not an indulgence I’m used to every day of the week, therefore it’s not something I take for granted when it happens.

But shouldn’t someone blogging about food know everything there is to know about the food scene and try it all?

In my opinion, no. Part of my passion for food lies in trying new things and discovering places where food feels more like an experience rather than just eating. Would this feel as special if it was a daily occurrence for me? I’m not sure.

As I get to know Orlando better, it also means I get to know Columbus less and less. Visiting home now is a new experience, one I see through different eyes. And the favorite spots of my family are becoming some of mine. Here are just a few: Continue reading “New-to-Me Culinary Favorites in Columbus”

Tasting my Way Through North Market in Columbus

On occasion, I experience days in which nothing gives me greater pleasure than eating everything in sight. Why, yes, I would love tacos, a donut, and a few scoops of ice cream for lunch today, thankyouverymuch. Actually, if I’m being honest, these days are more like every Friday-Sunday, the extent of any vacation, and all days spent in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio (someone has to do the taste-testing before family get togethers).

My confession being out of the way, (the “taste” part of this blog does exist for a reason after all…now you know it involves the mass consumption of tacos and donuts) it should then come as no surprise that one of my newest favorite spots in my hometown is none other than a giant indoor market filled with independent food stands.

Fellow food lovers, meet North Market. Continue reading “Tasting my Way Through North Market in Columbus”