Fuck Fear, Take the Leap

It all started with a ladder, deep in a cave in Belize, in 2015.

Having swum my way into a cave once used by the ancient Maya, scrambling my way up and down rocks, and wading through ankle deep water, I, along with the rest of the tour group, found myself standing in front of a ladder set against a tall rock cave wall. It was to serve as our mode of transportation to the cave chamber above housing a fully intact crystallized human skeleton.

For some reason, I became overwhelmed with fear. Yet I had no choice but to climb.

I made it to the top and forgot my momentary panic as I looked on in awe at Mayan pottery and a human skeleton perfectly preserved in the cave floor. Then it was time to come back down… Continue reading “Fuck Fear, Take the Leap”

The Unconventional Guide to Taking Better Photos of Your Travels

Photos are my favorite souvenirs. Whether documenting a night out with friends or an international destination, I’m always thankful to have my photos to look back on the memories. Yet travel photography, or even photographing my own local surroundings, isn’t always an easy feat.

Even as a professional photographer, there are definitely opportunities I’ve missed, shots I haven’t taken, and moments I didn’t capture just because I was too self-conscious to whip out my camera or introduce myself to a stranger.

Improving my photography is an ongoing goal, but I thought it was time enough to share some of the more unconventional tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. Continue reading “The Unconventional Guide to Taking Better Photos of Your Travels”

Photo of the Week 07: Every Day is a Fresh Start

If there’s one thing I’ve learned thus far throughout my accidental path to being an entrepreneur, it’s that the most challenging aspect of following this path is the amount of self-motivation it takes to make it work.

Being a creative person is only half of the battle. It took me years just to gain the confidence to share my work with others (and I’m still working on this). But when you add on all of the other stuff on top of it? The paperwork, the legal crap, taxes, goal-setting, marketing…you learn pretty quickly that pursuing your dreams isn’t all unicorns and rainbows–it’s hard work.

Mentally, physically, emotionally.

It’s a roller coaster of emotions. And part of me wants to gloat about how it’s already been so rewarding, and I’m happier than I have been in a long time despite building my career from the bottom up, but I also have to address the other side of this venture that exists. Continue reading “Photo of the Week 07: Every Day is a Fresh Start”

On Being a Creative When (You Think) Nobody is Watching

Disclaimer: The following post is word vomit. And because I am trying to consciously put myself out there more in 2016, this post is happening. In an attempt to soften the blow and say thank you for reading, I have included a very pretty picture of a beach in Placencia, Belize.

(Side note – I LOVE BELIZE! You should go there. I promise I’m going to write about why. I just need to get this out first and maybe eat a doughnut to make myself feel better.)

One of the things I struggle with most, without a doubt, is this fear of what people think.

I want people to see my photography, but only if it’s in a positive light. Does anyone like baring his or her soul to others only to be criticized, or judged, or unnoticed? Don’t think so.

As a creative person, I feel so good when inspiration is flowing and everything feels right. But when it comes time to announce my ideas, share what I’ve made, and put myself out there? Continue reading “On Being a Creative When (You Think) Nobody is Watching”