6 Breweries to Love in the Tampa Bay Area

Craft beer has been having a moment all over the country and while I’m happy to see things finally picking up in Orlando, the Tampa Bay area is one of my go-tos for local, quality breweries.

Last year, John and I set out to celebrate our birthdays with a 2-day brewery tour between our home and Tampa and since then we’ve been visiting new breweries whenever we can. If you want to squeeze in a craft beer before heading home from the beach or want to plan a brewery tour of your own, check out some of my recommended spots below. Continue reading “6 Breweries to Love in the Tampa Bay Area”

There’s Something About Dunedin

The more I explore the sunshine state, the more I realize I really, really love small towns. I actively seek out places that feel inviting, are small enough to explore on foot, and – ok – have at least one really great spot for an ice cream cone.

Funny then, that in my multiple past visits to Dunedin, I never ventured past the Dunedin Brewery and nearby 7venth Sun Brewing Company. (Turns out afternoons are easily lost when eating delicious food and sampling 3 too many craft brews.)

Dunedin, FL: A colorful, artsy city in the gulf coast of Florida that makes the perfect day trip

While the brewery scene is lively and worth experiencing, I knew this town had more to offer, so it was time for another visit. Continue reading “There’s Something About Dunedin”