Tasting Winter Park with Orlando Food Tours

Surprise: I’m now a food tour guide with Orlando Food Tours!¬†Part of my training is going on the actual tour, so this past Sunday John and I did exactly that. I didn’t pay for this tour but opinions here are 100% my own (as they always are) and I’m speaking honestly about my experience. Which, spoiler alert, was awesome.

Living a good 40 minutes from Orlando means that expeditions into downtown (especially for food) are always carefully planned. This can get a little frustrating, especially with the food scene booming. I want to try everything! But my stomach can only fit so much. Sigh.

The Winter Park walking food tour was a perfect solution. We made 5 stops total, with some walking time in between to digest and learn some Winter Park history.¬†The end result is a filling sampling of the food scene in Winter Park, with a just right dose of history and exercise (to help you justify the ice cream and cheese). Continue reading “Tasting Winter Park with Orlando Food Tours”