Photo of the Week 03: Orchids Galore and the Art of Patience

I’ve been talking a lot lately about my grandparents – they spent the winter in Florida this year and I am so thankful for all the time we got to spend together. My grandma, being grandma, found an orchid show in town in no time flat. I’ve definitely inherited her love for orchids, along with my own love of photographing them, so I traveled to Marie Selby Botanical Gardens with my mom to see the show for myself shortly after.

The show was wonderful as evidenced by this week’s photo, and the gardens themselves are immaculately kept. The entire waterfront property on the Sarasota Bay was donated by Marie Selby herself, who wanted to share her gardens with the general public.

When my grandma left to head back home, she left a piece of her here with me: not one, not two, but three of the orchid plants she’d purchased to make her and my grandpa’s vacation rentals feel more like home, along with a beautiful orchid my grandpa gave me for Valentine’s Day. I didn’t expect them to bloom again, but in the past few weeks new growths have been popping up on all four. Continue reading “Photo of the Week 03: Orchids Galore and the Art of Patience”