The Best Things I Ate in Belize: 2016 Edition

It’s official. I LOVE Belize.

I visited Belize for the first time last year with a group of all women, and this year I returned with John. Returning to a place you’ve been before can always be a bit nerve-wracking. I wondered if I would love the country as much as the first time, I was worried about whether or not John would enjoy it as much as I did, and I hoped the trip would live up to both of our expectations.

Despite my worries, there was one thing I knew I could count on: the food.

I didn’t eat a single bad meal while in Belize this time, but there were some definite standouts. In no particular order, here are the meals (please note that ice cream and alcohol count as meals…my blog my rules) that had my taste buds singing their praises. Continue reading “The Best Things I Ate in Belize: 2016 Edition”

The Best Things I Ate in Belize: 2015 Edition

Enjoy Belizean themed posts this week! I’m currently in Belize for the week and am sharing posts and images from my first trip in 2015 while I’m away. Look forward to more Belize travel info upon my return. This post originally appeared on my previous blog here.

When I think of my recent trip to Belize (with 6 other women, most of them family) I think of laughter, adventure and sunshine. But I also think of the food.

Our 9 day adventure led us from the jungle in San Ignacio to the ocean breeze and sunshine of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that none of us expected the food to be as consistently good and beautiful as it was. While I have many more photos to share and stories to tell, I figured it made sense to first share the most important aspect of our travels: all of the delicious and beautiful things we ate. Continue reading “The Best Things I Ate in Belize: 2015 Edition”